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Cuprum Token Offer to the investors, the market for copper mine maydongphucbenhvien.com

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Information Cuprum Token Offer to the investors, the market for copper

Title :  Cuprum Token Offer to the investors, the market for copper
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Date of publication :   2019-10-14
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Frames Cuprum Token Offer to the investors, the market for copper

Description Cuprum Token Offer to the investors, the market for copper

This is a message sponsored. BCC invites the reader, in the conduct of their research work with due diligence in the company, product, or service mentioned in the content below.

Cuprum Group, the company, extraction of metals, the introduction of a token that is digitally designed to earn investors the possibility of prices to the increase in the demand for copper. The digital tokens are supported, made of metal, made of copper, manufactured in a company owned by the state-of-the-art data mining structures.

Cuprum group tries to accelerate the transition of the industry-mining companies, the operational efficiency and environment-friendly technologies. To be invested for this purpose, Estonia-based company has more than $ 2 million in the Russian mining system of licences, the feasibility of the plans and the Geology.

The project copper mining is reserved for professional investors, so that the digital token becomes available to the public. The Cuprum-token-exchange-trading of both the metal and digital-to-copper.

The Demand For Copper Is Rising

The Cuprum-token has been designed to give the investors the possibility of capital out of the growing demand for copper.

Even if a multitude of industries and production is based on copper, the global supply of copper, there is a significant decline in the year 2019, according to the reports on the 17. world conference on women in copper in Chile, in Santiago in april.

New technologies such as electric vehicles, are pushing the demand for copper, together with the increase in demand in the telecommunications, automotive, aerospace, jewelry, and military industry.

Cuprum group is currently the navigation on the website of minerals and is in the phase of market introduction of the mining of copper with deep and leach bacteria, eco-friendly method of data mining.

The current level of production of copper, however, the expected decline of 20 million tons to 12 million tons, which has the potential to have a serious impact on the price of copper. The power supply copper up to 2022 is planned to fall short of 2.5 million tons, worth around 15 billion us dollars.

Current prices for copper according to the demand of the market. Copper the price is a jump of 1,800 us dollars per tonne at the beginning of the 2000s current USD $6,500 to $6,800 per tonne at the time.

Cuprum Token Supportato Dal Rame

The Cuprum-token is a futures contract on copper with a redemption. Each Cuprum token is supported by one kilogram of copper, or the equivalent value on the London Metals Exchange.

The investors will be able to buy the coins in the vicinity of the toke cost of production, which is estimated currently at$ 1.98. Cuprum believes that token-holders will be able to achieved sell chips for $7.50, a significant recovery of the possibilities. The copper and the rise in prices, the return on investment has the potential to increase.

Public Sale

Auction will be starting in september. 15. Nov. 15 at a starting price of $3.00 is made with 1 kg of copper. A token that you earn can buy.sights up to 250% on the basis of an increase of $7.50 by 2020

The price on Cuprum exchange rate, cuprum token.I should be between $6 and $8. November. 15, 2019.

The chips currencies can be bought with bitcoin, ETH, ETN, LTC, EUR, CHF and fiat. A total of 6 million chips sold.

Cuprum reserve 3 ' 000 chips, 50 of which are distributed every day among the buyers who want to buy the tokens every day. The exchange will randomly select two of the 200 investors and distribute the day of the volume of them.

There is a $ceiling 16.975 million and $ 1.5 million in soft cap.

The limit of 1.5 million us dollars only, with a production of the mining module, allows the production of 500 tons of copper to $ 3.75 million dollars value, to generate $2.250 million U.S. dollars of interest for token buyers. Each module of the process 500 tons of copper, worth $ 3.75 million euros, based on the projections for the year 2020, the prices for copper.

The Cuprum-group-team

The construction of the production facility is planned to be in november 2018.

The Cuprum-token to the public investors the opportunity the global market for copper.

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liz s
Tell me what kind of motor that is behind you
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