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Information Apple and Facebook now compete With the banks, Not Bitcoin

Title :  Apple and Facebook now compete With the banks, Not Bitcoin
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Date of publication :   2019-10-18
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Frames Apple and Facebook now compete With the banks, Not Bitcoin

Description Apple and Facebook now compete With the banks, Not Bitcoin

Apple and Facebook now compete With the banks, Not Bitcoin

The international rating Agency, Weiss Ratings is of the view that the tech giants like Apple and Facebook to the crypto-space, in order to show that they are, in fact, a Bank, himself and his ‘reply’ nothing more to do with Bitcoin – what is in competition with the Central banks.

Facebook, Apple ‘Bank’

In a blog entry 5. in June, the developer and Weiss Crypto Investor editor John Villaverde, he said to the investors, which are the new products from Facebook, Apple and Alibaba is only pseudo to take cryptography, and you have the opportunity, the advantage that the user of the financial activity.

"(Many analysts believe, that he wrote to applications such as Apple Pay, Google Pay, and Alipay, which might call into question the global financial system, and also to replace", the banks, with your new payment platforms,".

I think it is a collective illusion. To tell you the truth, not to replace, the banks, the banks will be.

The comments come at a time of the flowing rumors around Facebook potential of the youth in the crypto industry.

GlobalCoin as Bitcoinis informed, can occur at any time in the near future, and would be considered a cross-platform transfer of value for the users of Facebook, Instagram and Whatsapp.

This optimistic about the release notes contain the sources of the crypto, the controversial nature of payment processor BitPay, an Executive, told Bloomberg last week, could catapult the industry in terms of public perception once.

"You start to see that these coins have a real cases around the world and makes people really happy, now, as you can see, the light is said at the end of the tunnel for the use cases," commercial director of Sonny Singh.

White: Bitcoin Under $8K is a Buy

In this week's report, in the meantime, he said that the social media giant cargo GlobalCoin nodes, the cost of boats of $10 million.

Such movements, for White, you have made it clear that the high-tech companies are not interested in the interruption of the financing, but instead of the banks business for yourself.

"Alipay collects the deposits of its customers. You are investing money in the short term, the markets with money. Even before that the loan to the consumer," Villaverde has continued, with another example, with Apple, and is already organised.

…remember: A bank is simply an institution, the deposits of the public, and then, invests, or gives money to a greater pace. And guess what! This is exactly what some of these so-called "revolutionary" to do FinTech companies.

Weiss was a source of discord within the crypto industry for the provision of reviews and studies in cryptocurrencies

In recent months, the company has the Bitcoin defended 00, because the opportunity for investment in the space, and now he, crypto says markets are usually in the edge of a long incarceration.

BTC/USD around $7900 after a correction of $9030 is the time to buy is now, Villaverde, he said.

What do you think of Weiss Ratings’ corner the giants of the technology? Let us know in the comments below!

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